Worth the Paper It’s Written On

January 26, 2018
Chuck Abramson

You’ve heard the saying, “that isn’t worth the paper it’s written on”. Often this statement refers to a guarantee or contract.

You could include a warranty to that.

Maybe you’ve experienced this, with warranties “covering” your home appliances or electronics or the equipment in your facility. Something breaks down and you check your warranty — only to find it doesn’t cover this situation, include that particular product, or the (short) warranty period just ran out. Frustrating. And, it can be expensive too!


Keeping your operation up and running puts a lot of responsibility on you. Your reputation is on the line, so you want to be confident in the equipment you purchase and have the peace of mind that if and when something breaks down, you have a partner that will be there to stand behind their products (and you).

With the industrial air movement industry’s first and only standard five-year warranty Hartzell Air Movement is that partner you can rely on. This can be especially important if you face long project timelines. With a standard industry warranty, that begins from the time of product shipment; the warranty period could expire before the fans or blowers are even installed!