Series 16E

Series 16E Belted Hooded Roof Ventilator, Exhaust | Hartzell Air Movement
Belted Hooded Roof Ventilator, Exhaust

The Series 16E Hooded Roof Ventilator design provides complete protection from the elements for exhaust ventilation. The unit’s large hood surface reduces the air velocities through the ventilator. This feature minimizes pressure drop through the hood. The fan assembly is placed in the upper section of the base with the blades facing down and the motor, drives, etc. located above the fan assembly, for ease of maintenance.

An efficient, high-performance ventilator with a compact, low-profile design, the Series 16E is best- suited for applications where noise is a factor. The belted arrangement prevents the necessity of using costly low-speed motors, as in direct-drive operations. Since the drive assembly is in the airstream, Series 16E ventilators are designed for clean air operation. Sizes 24 through 84"offer performance from 3,700 to 116,500 CFM at free air on exhaust.

The hood is hinged on units through size 36", allowing the hood to be rotated to the side or removed for access to the fan assembly. Sizes 42 through 72" feature split hoods which are removable for access to the fan. These larger sizes are available with Hartzell’s unique slide rail access package to allow easy separation of the hood halves for inspection and maintenance.

Standard construction on these units accommodates a 60 mph maximum wind load. Higher wind load construction features are available as an option.

All hoods size 36" and larger are shipped separately from the base and are to be mounted in the field. Lifting eyes and hardware required for securing the hood to the base are furnished as standard.

Also available as a Series 19E with the motor out of the airstream.

Additional Series 16E Belted Hooded Roof Exhaust Ventilator features:

  • Heavy-duty industrial construction
  • Access door standard on all units
  • Cast aluminum airfoil propellers
  • Totally enclosed, fan-cooled, foot-mounted, T-frame motors are standard
  • Static resistant V-belts
  • Lifting lugs are a standard feature for ease of handling and installation
  • Industrial-grade, powder coat enamel finish standard
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Special coatings, constructions, motors and accessories also available


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Material Type: 
Pressure Range: 
0-1.5" s.p.
Roof Ventilator
Market Category: 
Food Processing
Heavy Industry
Pulp and Paper