Series 41

Series 41  - Fiberglass Centrifugal Fans | Hartzell Air Movement
Fiberglass Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan

Ideal for power roof ventilation in heavy industry applications such as chemical, food processing, and wastewater treatment plants, Hartzell’s Series 41 centrifugal fan features fiberglass construction and backward curved blades for non-loading, efficient performance.

Supplied assembled and ready to install, the Series 41 centrifugal fan contains a solid fiberglass type FA airfoil wheel with backward curved blades. The one-piece, resin-transfer-molded wheel also contains an encapsulated aluminum core insert for secure attachment to the shaft.  Available in six arrangements (1, 4, 8, 9, 9M, and 10) and both direct- and belt-drive models, Series 41 centrifugal fans are AMCA-certified for sound and air performance for fan classes I through IV.

Suitable for use in temperatures up to 250° F, the fans are constructed with a solid fiberglass wheel and inlet cone, polyester resin and glass fiber housing, stainless steel internal hardware, and epoxy-coated steel drive base. Both the wheel and housing are protected with a resin coating to resist chemicals, flame and ultraviolet light and to provide smooth airflow.

Series 41 backward curved centrifugal fans are available with clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation in standard sizes ranging from 12 inches to 60 inches. Fan sizes up to 36-inches come with field-rotatable housings that allow the discharge to be positioned at any of eight AMCA standard positions, while models from 40 inches and up come with fixed housings.

Dynamically balanced at the Hartzell factory prior to shipping, Series 41 fans accommodate static pressures up to 20 inches W.G. and provide airflows from 700 to 84,000 CFM at 5 inches S.P. Accessories include weather covers, belt and safety guards, electrical grounding, vibration isolators, and more.

AMCA sound and air performance certification
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Material Type: 
Pressure Range: 
0-1.5" s.p.
1.5-3" s.p.
3-8" s.p.
8-25" s.p.
ABS Certified: 
AMCA Certified: 
Market Category: 
Food Processing
Heavy Industry
Pulp and Paper
Water and Wastewater