Series 55

Series 55 Belt Drive Vaneaxial Fan, High Temperature | Hartzell Air Movement
Belt Drive Vaneaxial Fan, High Temperature

For installations where air is hot or contaminated, the Series 55 High Temperature Vaneaxial will provide substantially longer service life than standard belt drive vaneaxial fans. Belts, bearings, sheave and shaft are enclosed and protected from the airstream. Standard sizes are 12 through 60".

In contrast to standard vaneaxial fans, the design configuration of the Series 55 places the drive assembly on the negative pressure side of the propeller, drawing ambient air outside the system through the belt tube, in and over the belts and bearings. This allows use in applications where the fan is handling air up to 350°F (if the ambient temperature does not exceed the motor rating).

High-temperature vaneaxial fans are available with either the “VA” or “VB” type wheel. Both “VA” and “VB” type impellers have a one-piece, cast-aluminum, airfoil design. Type VA are mounted with split- taperlock bushing. Type VB are straight-bore mounted against a shaft shoulder. Both are designed to work efficiently at high static pressures.

The VA wheel is scientifically designed to move large volumes of air at high pressures. The large hub prevents backflow of air, which is an important feature in the design of this wheel.

A low pitch and a higher hub-to-diameter ratio make the VB impeller more effective than VA models in high-pressure applications moving a relatively smaller volume of air.

A separate vane section containing guide vanes is located on the discharge side of the fan. Nine heavy- gauge, steel discharge, guide vanes are welded in the casing. These aerodynamically designed straightening vanes maximize efficiency by minimizing turbulence and converting velocity pressure to static pressure for increased capability.

Additional Series 55 features:

  • High-temperature construction
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 350°F (contact factory for higher airstream temperatures)
  • VA or VB type wheels available
  • Oversized oil-, heat- and static-resistant belts for continuous duty
  • Extended lubrication tubes from bearings to exterior of fan housing are standard
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Special coatings, constructions, motors and accessories also available


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Pressure Range: 
0-1.5" s.p.
1.5-3" s.p.
3-8" s.p.
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Food Processing
Heavy Industry
Pulp and Paper