Series 82

Series 82 Fiberglass Direct Drive Downblast Exhauster | Hartzell Air Movement
Fiberglass Downblast Direct Drive Ventilation Exhauster Fan

Series 82 Fiberglass Exhausters are industrial downdraft centrifugal roof exhaust fans providing low- profile roof or wall exhaust solutions in corrosive environments. These fiberglass downblast roof exhausters feature a centrifugal FE wheel for improved performance in exhauster applications.

Suitable for use in temperatures up to 125°F, these downblast exhaust fans are constructed to resist chemicals, flame and ultraviolet light, with a one-piece, solid-fiberglass FE wheel, backward-curved blades for non-overloading operation, and resin-protected fiberglass housing. Airstream hardware is stainless steel, while structural airstream parts are fiberglass resin or epoxy-coated stainless steel. Available sizes range 12 to 40", providing airflow from 500 to 22,000 CFM. Standard 12, 15 and 18” models are available as roof or wall-mounted units.

Designed for quiet operation, the Series 82 provides lower sound levels in the highest efficiency ranges and is AMCA-certified for sound and air performance. Accessories include explosion-proof, chemical-duty or other special motors; disconnect switch; bird screen; fiberglass damper; and more.

Additional Series 82 features:

  • FRP construction
  • Motors have extended shafts
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Supplied packaged, assembled and ready to install
  • Special coatings, constructions, motors and accessories also available


AMCA sound and air performance certification
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0-1.5" s.p.
1.5-3" s.p.
Roof Ventilator
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Food Processing
Water and Wastewater