Series 88

Series 88 Fiberglass Belt Drive Upblast Exhauster | Hartzell Air Movement
Fiberglass Upblast Belt Drive Exhauster

The Series 88 Fiberglass Belt Drive Upblast Roof Exhauster is a centrifugal industrial roof exhaust fan providing a low-profile exhaust solution for roof and wall installations.

Featuring a resin-coated fiberglass construction, the Series 88 Belt Drive Exhaust Fan is ideal for general ventilation applications where concentrations of corrosive elements exceed the limits of standard fans. The fiberglass construction also offers advantages in terms of weight, strength and dimensional stability. Constructed for use in temperatures up to 125°F, Series 88 Upblast Exhausters feature a fiberglass housing and one-piece, solid-fiberglass centrifugal FE wheel with airfoil blades for non-overloading performance. All fiberglass surfaces are protected with a resin coating for superior protection from chemicals, flame and ultraviolet light, and to provide smooth airflow. Airstream hardware is stainless steel, while structural airstream parts are fiberglass resin and epoxy-coated stainless steel.

Series 88 Exhauster Fans are available in sizes 12 through 40”, supplied assembled and ready to install. Sizes 12 through 18” are available as either roof or wall-mounted units, while larger sizes are roof- mounted units.

Designed for quiet operation, the Series 88 provides lower sound levels in the highest efficiency ranges and is AMCA-certified for sound and air performance.

Additional Series 88 features:

  • FRP construction
  • Motors are totally enclosed and fan-cooled
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Supplied packaged, assembled and ready to install
  • Special coatings, constructions, motors and accessories also available


AMCA sound and air performance certification
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Material Type: 
Pressure Range: 
0-1.5" s.p.
1.5-3" s.p.
Roof Ventilator
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Food Processing
Water and Wastewater