Series 90R

Series 90R Aluminum Adjustable Pitch Reversible Fan Assembly, Type AAR | Hartzell Air Movement
Aluminum Adjustable Pitch Reversible Fan Assembly, Type AAR

Hartzell’s Series 90R Adjustable Pitch Reversible Fans feature a field-proven Hartzell airfoil, modified so that the leading edges and the trailing edges of the blades are identical in either direction of rotation. The result is 100% airflow in both standard and reverse rotation.

Standard sizes are 48 to 84" diameter, with all sizes available in four- and six-bladed designs. Standard rotation is right-hand (clockwise). The 72 and 84" sizes are available in left-hand (counterclockwise) rotation. Air volume flow rates range from 12,000 to 150,000 CFM at free air.

Series 90R Adjustable Pitch Reversible features 100% airflow in either direction, with maximum static efficiencies of 58% and maximum total efficiencies of 73%. Efficient operation ranges from free air through 2" w.g.

The blades have a retention shoulder, which fits into a recess in the hub to ensure proper location. This design does not require an accessory port in the fan orifice to assemble the blades.

Fans are tested for sound and air performance in Hartzell’s AMCA Accredited Laboratory in accordance with industry standards.

Series 90R fans are suitable for temperatures up to 300°F. For higher temperatures, see the Series 90U.

Additional Series 90R features:

  • Sand-cast, aluminum airfoil blades and cast aluminum hubs, ground to satin finish for balance
  • Taper lock bushing standard on all sizes
  • Maximum tip speed of 17,000 FPM
  • Blades and hubs are statically balanced against a master (dynamic balancing of complete assemblies with match mark indexing is optional)
  • Dynamic balancing of complete assemblies through 72" available upon request
  • Supplied knocked down standard; shipment of complete assemblies up to 72" available on request          
  • Special coatings and constructions available, including coatings for corrosive applications


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Material Type: 
Pressure Range: 
0-1.5" s.p.
Prop Assemblies
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Food Processing
Heavy Industry