Quick access to high-quality replacement parts is critical to keeping your operations up and running. Downtime means time and money lost. Count on Hartzell original replacement parts to get your operations back online — quickly and reliably.

Finding the exact part you need for a specific product and requesting a quote have never been easier. Just click here to be taken to the Hartzell Warranty and Parts Portal log in page, and then follow these steps:

  1. Find the order number for the registered product for which the part is needed.
  2. Enter order number in Search for replacement parts and click Search.
  3. Select the product for which the part is needed.
  4. Select the part or parts you want quoted.
  5. Click Request a Quote.
  6. Complete the Request form and click Submit.

You will receive a quote from your Hartzell representative.

Orders going back to July 2006 have been pre-loaded into the Warranty Portal. If you haven’t registered a current order, click here.

The Right Fit Matters — The Value of OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts

When you need to replace a part in your Hartzell fans or blowers, you want to be confident it will work as well as an original. Your operation depends on it. So, look closely — very, very closely — at the parts and the manufacturer, because the right fit matters as much in a replacement part as it did in the original equipment.

You know the Hartzell brand is all about design, engineering and manufacturing experience and expertise across all of the critical elements of industrial fans and blowers. You can be assured Hartzell replacement parts meet Hartzell’s high standards. And, you won’t just get original equipment components. You’ll receive any design, material or manufacturing upgrades that have been incorporated into the component. Don’t settle for replacement parts that might be “good enough” —because they never are.

Replacement Warning Signs

There are many telltale signs a part may be in need of, or getting close to, replacement. Routine maintenance can help prolong component life and also alert you to a part that may be failing, so you can take corrective action before it becomes an emergency. A few signs that it may be time to replace a part include:

  • Excessive propeller wobble
  • Propeller cracks
  • Unusually noisy operation
  • Electrical motor inefficiency
  • Cracked welds
  • Loose, detached or missing rings
  • Fan guard blocked or corroded