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If you want a fan that's just good enough, DON'T CALL US. It's not our gig.

We're the industrial fan manufacturer for professional engineers and end users who actually care about their projects and their facilities' air movement.

The Hartzell Difference

Training facility


Our corporate headquarters and the air movement business unit complex are located in Piqua, Ohio. Facilities include our manufacturing plant, foundry, machine shop, AMCA*-accredited R&D lab, engineering, customer service, and warehouse. Having all of our operations together allows for close collaboration. We respond quickly to customers’ unique needs, design and test new ideas, and implement best practices across the organization, ensuring the highest-quality products, every time.

Visitors welcome!
If you are interested in a tour of our facilities and meeting the team, please contact Hartzell Air Movement or your local representative. We are always happy to welcome guests.

* Product laboratory data based on tests in an AMCA-accredited laboratory are not to be construed as being license to bear the AMCA seal.

State of the art research and development facility

Research and Development

The Hartzell Air Movement laboratory is AMCA* accredited to test for air and sound performance. The facility is located on the grounds of our main plant in Piqua, Ohio. In addition to the 12 ft. test chamber, capable of 50,000 CFM at up to 24" W.G. pressures, we have added a small test chamber capable of 11,000 CFM at up to 80" W.G. pressures.

The lab is also equipped with precision instruments for sound and vibration testing, featuring an over speed cell for fans up to 200 HP. Additional equipment allows for Hartzell to conduct over speed tests, check rotating blade movement as well as check noise levels, frequencies and vibration stresses.

*Product laboratory data based on tests in an AMCA-accredited Laboratory are not to be construed as being license to bear the AMCA seal.

ABS, ISO and AMCA certifications

Certifications / Quality / Certified Fans Ratings

As a leader in air movement, we are dedicated to making continuous process and production improvements to provide high-performing, high-quality air movement equipment. This dedication is reflected in our achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification and our ABS certification.

Hartzell is a charter member of the Air Movement and Control Association International and has adopted AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association) Standard 210, Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Rating, and AMCA Standard 300, Test Code for Sound Rating. As part of our commitment to quality and excellence, we test our products in accordance with the AMCA Standard test codes. We continue to lead the air movement community with our support and involvement in AMCA, including at the Board level.

Hartzell Air Movement Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We provide industrial grade air movement solutions of superior quality and value that are essential to maintaining operational uptime and an environment where employees can thrive.


Authorized Hartzell Air Movement Representatives

Professional Representatives and Market Managers

From diagnosis through installation, there’s no need to go it alone on a critical project. Our customers engage Hartzell market managers and our professional representatives along the entire project continuum. We are there to support you throughout the process, including site surveys, issue diagnosis, design reviews, application testing, installation and service after the sale.

Hartzell Market Managers
Our key market managers are not only air movement application gurus, they are experts in the varied, and unique challenges and requirements of their markets, including heavy industry, marine, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, food processing, energy and chemical.

Hartzell Representatives
Hartzell partners with a team of independent representatives to deliver unparalleled service and unsurpassed products to our customers. We rigorously evaluate our representatives to ensure they are among the best in the industry. With a thorough understanding of the complexities of air movement, they are more than just salespeople and product movers. They are adept at analyzing air flow systems and diagnosing problems and experts at identifying the correct product application solution you need to address your air movement requirements and challenges.

With more than 50 partner companies employing more than 300 sales representatives serving the U.S. and Canada, you can be assured there’s an air movement expert nearby who will provide reliable assistance when you need it.

Please contact Hartzell or your local representative to learn more about how Hartzell Air Movement can make your job easier and your project an on-time and on-budget success story.

International services

International Reach

Hartzell Air Movement services international customers. Through our online tools, we can assist in designing exactly the products you need. We ship globally and are experienced in meeting all necessary international standards, regulations and application requirements. If you are outside of the U.S. or Canada, please contact Hartzell Air Movement to talk with an air flow expert:

Phone: (937) 773-7411
Email: info@hartzell.com

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Leadership Team

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