What started with hardwoods grew to become wooden propellers powering the very first airplanes. Later, air movement was born out of a design to protect employees from fumes during manufacturing.

At Hartzell, we still have the same dedication to hard work and innovation that launched our company nearly 150 years ago. Six generations later, we’re still family run. And as a Hartzell customer, you’re part of that family.

Our story

Ohio has a long history of combining hard work with innovation, and Hartzell is proud of our role in that history. Our company’s origins go back to John T. Hartzell, who in 1875 borrowed $25 from his uncle to start a business manufacturing wagons, and later a sawmill to supply the needed lumber. In 1900, the Hartzell Hardwood Company was born. Seventeen years later, we used our walnut lumber to craft the first wooden aircraft propellers, the beginnings of the Hartzel Walnut ropeller company. Hartzell Fan began in 1927, after seeing the need to improve the air quality for their own workers. The company engineered and built its first airfoil blade, more efficient than anything on the market. Our history is a history of American innovation and quality.


John T. Hartzell founded the sawmill business and began manufacturing farm wagons in Greenville, Ohio.


Hartzell Fan was established to improve air quality in their own facility, and in turn marketed that product to the general public. Hartzell engineered and built its first airfoil blade that was 20% more efficient than any other in the market.


As a founding member of AMCA, we created one of the first win tunnels to measure air and sound performance.


Developed the first all-fiberglass fans for industrial use, which provided a more chemical-resistant and lightweight material than metal.


Launched our Research and Development Laboratory and codified AMCA accreditation requirements for air and sound performance structural testing.


Introduced the only one-piece resin transfer FRP centrifugal wheel in the marketplace. This airfoil-shaped centrifugal wheel allows for higher efficiency and consistency for air and sound performance.


Hartzell’s proprietary selection and configuration software is launched, enabling engineers and contractors to precisely configure the correct fans and blowers for their projects.

Now known as Hartzell Air Movement, we became a founding member of the AMCA, developed the first all-fiberglass fans, created an R&D Lab, developed proprietary configuration software, and more — all in the name of maximizing the durability, efficiency and safety of our products. The Hartzell Hardwood Company continues to thrive in Ohio and beyond — a global leader in producing premium walnut and oak lumber, with a focus on sustainability.