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October 2023

The Evolution of Industrial Fans: A Journey Through Hartzell Air Movement’s Innovations Journeying Through Air Movement Excellence: Hartzell's Legacy and Vision

By Casey Webster

Industrial fans are more than just machinery; they're the heartbeat of countless industries, ensuring optimal conditions and safety. Hartzell Air Movement, with its legacy dating back to 1875, has been at the forefront, pioneering innovations and delivering unparalleled quality. Explore our storied history, commitment to sustainability, and relentless drive for innovation, as we continue to shape the future of air movement, catering to diverse industries and their unique challenges.

October 2023

Greasing Fan Bearings: Tips & Insights by Hartzell Air Movement "Mastering Fan Maintenance: Lubrication Essentials & Expert Insights"

By Jerame Painter

Proper lubrication of fan bearings is more than a routine task—it's an essential step ensuring longevity and optimal performance of industrial fans. Dive deep with Hartzell Air Movement as we unveil the science behind bearing maintenance, its significance, and the pitfalls to avoid. Stay empowered with knowledge and keep your fans running efficiently!

October 2023

Exploring Hartzell Air Movement’s Impact on the Food Processing Industry Optimizing Food Processing Operations: The Power of Expert Air Movement Solutions

By Matt Rougier

Hartzell Air Movement stands at the forefront of air movement solutions tailored for the food processing industry. Recognizing the imperative of maintaining product safety and quality, our industrial fans optimize air circulation, ensuring both a comfortable workspace and the integrity of food items. Experience operational efficiency, adherence to regulatory standards, and minimized risks with Hartzell's commitment to excellence. Dive into our journey of elevating food processing environments, prioritizing safety, quality, and innovation.

October 2023

The Science Behind Hartzell’s Unique One-Piece Wheel Design in Fiberglass Fans Revolutionizing Air Movement: Hartzell's One-Piece Composite Wheel Design

By Ryan Cassel

Hartzell Air Movement, drawing upon its rich expertise, has introduced an innovative one-piece composite wheel design, a game-changer in industrial fan construction. This design not only champions optimal aerodynamics but also ensures unmatched corrosion resistance, particularly vital in challenging environments. Embracing the unique blend of fiberglass and meticulous engineering, our fans provide industries a perfect balance between durability, energy efficiency, and performance. Dive into the science behind our design and witness the transformative power of our fiberglass fans in various applications.