Duct Axial® Fans

Series 44, 44V, 46, 46V, 48, & 48V

Duct Axial® fans include propellers designed with higher hub-to-tip ratios, minimizing the backflow of air at higher pressures. They also incorporate a propeller design that does not include a stall characteristic. This allows the unit to respond to changing system characteristics without experiencing stall, vibration, and destructive consequences. These fans are in marine duty construction, however, this is not standard.

Duct Axial® fans features a six-blade, cast aluminum, airfoil propeller mounted with split-taperlock bushing and a safety retainer plate for easy installation and removal. The one-piece housing is constructed of heavy-gauge, hot-rolled steel with a continuously welded steel drum and flanges.

An optional vane section improves performance at many operating points.

Belt Drive:

  • Heavy duty bearings with a minimum L-50 Life of 400,000 hours.


DIrect Drive:

  • Rigid Motor Mounts — Provide support for foot mounted motors. Designed for minimum resistance to the airflow.


Special Duty Direct Drive

  • Housing — Extra heavy, with guide vane sections welded into exact position.
  • Finish — A marine duty inorganic zinc powder coating is available, applied to sand blasted steel housings and components with an epoxy coating applied to cast aluminum impellers.
  • Motors — Supplied with relubricable bearings include extended lubrication tubes and lubrication fitting guard as standard where required. Fractional HP and small motors are supplied with permanently lubricated bearings for maintenance free installation.
Series 46 Belt Drive Duct Axial Fan | Hartzell Air Movement

Specifications & Resources


Steel, SS304, SS316, Aluminum
0-1.5" s.p. 1.5-3" s.p. 3-8" s.p.