Horizontal Direct Gas Fired Make Up Air Heat

Series 78H

Hartzell’s Horizontal Gas Fired Make Up Air Heater is an IRI pipetrain heater powered by 460-volt electrical input and natural gas. Each direct-heating unit is a complete air supply system in a self-contained package, consisting of a fan, burner, three-place remote station and controls.

Designed to be economical and energy efficient, Series 78H Make Up Air Heaters are excellent for perimeter heating of troublesome areas. They are also low-noise units that operate at 83 dBA or less at 5′.

With direct drive motors, Series 78H Make Up Air Heaters have no belts to adjust or replace. The equipment can supply filtered or unfiltered make up air or be used for a totally fresh air-heating system. The unit has a low silhouette, and installation is quite simple.

Additional Series 78H features:

  • Natural gas or propane
  • 7,100 to 23,500 CFM at ¼” external static pressure
  • Heating capacities of 950,000 to 2,900,000 BTU/hr available
  • Controls are mounted and wired
  • Direct drive fan arrangement; motor in airstream
  • Motors are totally enclosed, fan-cooled
  • Extended lubrication lines to motors are standard
  • Cast aluminum airfoil propeller (adjustable pitch assemblies standard on 21,750 CFM units and up)
  • NEMA 4/12 enclosure
  • IRI control package is standard (also meets FM requirements)
  • NEMA 12 remote station
  • Maxitrol® 14 modulating temperature control is standard
  • Temperature-sensing elements mounted in airstream
  • High- and low-temperature limit control mounted within burner housing
  • Standard unit develops a maximum discharge temperature of 90°F (contact factory for optional discharge temperatures)
  • Motor-operated shutter
  • Access door for servicing is standard
  • Available with filters
  • Airflow proving switch
  • Fireye flame safeguard
  • Fused disconnect switch
  • High- and low-temperature controls
  • Mild weather thermostat
  • High and low gas pressure limits


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