Turbo Pressure Blower

Series 07T

The Series 07T Turbo Pressure Blower is ideal for applications with high static pressure and low flow requirements. The compact design, ease of installation and low maintenance are useful in a variety of applications.

The majority of Turbo Pressure Blowers are supplied in Arrangement 4 construction with the wheel mounted directly to the motor shaft. Arrangements 1, 8, 9 and 10 are also available. Rotation can be clockwise or counterclockwise in six AMCA standard positions (housing is field rotatable in 22.5° increments). Down Blast and Bottom Angular Down discharge positions are available with special construction.

Common processes which use the Turbo Pressure Blower include: combustion air for burners and boilers; high-pressure cooling air; air pollution control scrubbers; air slides; air turns; water treatment; converting; industrial incinerators; blow-off air knives; soil vapor extraction; petrochemical processes; fluidized beds; and material conveying.

Additional Series 07T Turbo Pressure Blower features:

  • Heavy industrial-duty construction
  • Motor, drive and bearings are readily accessible for easy wiring, installation, adjustment and lubrication
  • Oversized oil-, heat- and static-resistant belts for continuous duty
  • Industrial-grade, powder coat enamel finish standard
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Supplied packaged, assembled and ready to install
  • Special coatings, constructions, motors and accessories also available


Series 07T Turbo Pressure Blower | Hartzell Air Movement

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Steel, SS304, SS316, Aluminum
0-1.5" s.p.1.5-3" s.p.3-8" s.p.8-25" s.p.>25" s.p.