Upblast Belt Drive Roof Ventilator

Series 69

Choose Hartzell’s Series 69 Upblast Belt Drive Roof Ventilator as a quiet, economical alternative to direct drive exhaust fans for commercial and industrial roof ventilation. Its exterior motor mounting places the motor and belts out of the airstream, making the unit ideal for handling tempered air, smoke, dust and fumes.

This heavy-duty industrial exhaust fan is a three-piece unit, including a belt drive duct fan mounted on a spun Venturi panel with a stack cap backdraft damper. Able to be built with most of Hartzell’s Tubeaxial Fans, the Series 69 Upblast Roof Ventilator offers the projection height needed to move air and exhaust fumes up and away from roofs and is designed to prevent entry of rain or snow during operation.

Available in sizes from 12 through 84″, the upblast roof ventilator provides flow rates of 1,455 to 117,000 CFM at free air. Its cast aluminum airfoil propellers are available in a variety of fixed and adjustable pitch blade configurations, including six-bladed Type W for 18 through 48″; three-bladed, low-noise Type L for 54 through 60″; four-bladed adjustable Type BA for 66″; and four- and six-bladed adjustable Type A for 72 through 84″. The panel and fan are bolted together for ease of installation and maintenance and sizes 66″ and larger feature a rolled angle ring on top of the windband for additional support.

Standard models feature heavy-gauge, painted steel construction with continuously welded seams. Aluminum construction is also available. The standard finish is industrial powder coat enamel. Other coatings are available upon request. Optional accessories include an inspection door, disconnect switch, and combination motor cover and belt guard.

Additional Series 69 features:

  • Heavy-gauge construction
  • Cast aluminum airfoil propeller
  • Totally enclosed fan-cooled motors are standard
  • Extended lubrication tubes from bearings to exterior of fan housing is standard
  • Industrial-grade powder coat enamel coating is standard
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Supplied packaged, assembled and ready to install (stack cap shipped separately for sizes 54 to 84″)
  • Special coatings, constructions, motors and accessories also available


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Steel, SS304, SS316, Aluminum
0-1.5" s.p.
Roof Ventilator