Aluminum Adjustable Pitch Fan Assembly

Series 89, 90, 90R, 90U, 91 & 92

Adjustable pitch prop assemblies are available in a wide variety of blade styles. They are used wherever large fans are needed, to move clean air at low pressures. Typical applications include heat exchangers, tunnel ventilation, and large warehouse ventilation. These assemblies provide infinitely adjustable blade angles, through the use of clamp blocks or U-bolts to secure the blades. Four or six bladed options are available to maximize efficiency across broad performance range.

Series 90, 90U, 90R

Maximum Tip Speed — 15,000 FPM.

Airfoil Section — True effective airfoil designed to move a high volume of air at moderate static pressure.

Taper Lock Bushing — Provides effective locking to the drive shaft.

Series 89

Maximum Tip Speed — 15,000 FPM.

Split Taper Bushing — 84” and larger are furnished with split taper bushing as standard. Sizes 48” through 72” are furnished with clamp type bushing as standard.

Series 91

Maximum Tip Speed — 11,000 FPM.

Manual Adjustments — Angle changes in the field are easily performed by loosening the blade clamps at each blade shank and rotating the blade to correct angle.

Maximum Temperature — 200°F standard high temperature construction available for maximum of 300°F

Series 92

Maximum Tip Speed — 15,000 FPM.

Blades — Wide blade design for high flow at very low speeds.

Series 90 Aluminum Adjustable Pitch Fan Assembly, Type AA | Hartzell Air Movement

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