Fiberglass Duct Axial Fan

Series 29, 29V, 35, 35V

Hartzell’s Fiberglass Duct Axial® Fans are engineered to be installed in duct systems for process ventilation applications in corrosive environments. Series 35 Fiberglass Duct Axial® Fans combine many of the best features of a rugged, highly efficient vaneaxial blower with the economical performance of the Hartzell Duct Fan. Duct axial fans provide maximum efficiency in the static pressure range from 1” to 4.5” at low speeds and with surprisingly low noise characteristics. The addition of a specially designed vane section to the Series 35 Fiberglass Duct Axial® Fan changes the design configuration to a duct vaneaxial Fan. The addition of the vane section to the discharge side of any duct axial fan makes it perform efficiently as a low-powered vaneaxial on the upper side of its pressure curve.

Standard fiberglass components are made of solid molded fiberglass consisting of corrosion resistant vinyl ester resin and glass fibers. All nuts, bolts and fasteners in contact with the airstream are stainless steel and encapsulated with fiberglass. Resin has a Class I flame spread rate of 25 or less. External fiberglass housing surfaces are protected with a minimum 10-mil UV resistant resin coating.

Solid one-piece molded fiberglass construction, electronically balanced on the unit at the operating speed to ensure vibration free operation. – Sizes 12” to 60”

The addition of the vane section to the discharge side of a duct axial fan makes it perform efficiently as a low pressure vaneaxial fan.

Series 29 & 29V – Mill/Chem duty motor is standard. Other motors available upon request.

Series 35 & 35V – Motors are exterior mounted, out of the airstream. The propeller shaft rotates in two heavy-duty bearings mounted on fiberglass supports taped to the inner shell. Totally enclosed motors are standard. Special motors are available upon request.  Belts, bearings, sheaves and shaft are enclosed and protected from the airstream. The drive compartment is located on the negative pressure (suction) side of the propeller drawing in ambient air from outside the fan and over the belts and bearings. This ensures a contaminate free drive compartment.  AMCA Certified for Air Performance.

Additional features:

  • One-piece, solid-fiberglass propellers with resin coating
  • Rugged, solid fiberglass housings with heavy resin coating standard
  • Dynamically balanced at the factory prior to shipping
  • Supplied packaged, assembled and ready to install
  • Alternative resins, constructions, motors and accessories also available


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